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Manufacturing process of patterns on advertising light boxes

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The main components of the large light box are steel and plastic structure, the base double frame is made of steel or stainless steel welding, and the pattern outer cover is made of glass plate, plexiglass plate, light box cloth, etc. The main component of the small-sized door head, pole type, and hanging type light box of the backlight light box is an injection molding frame, and the pattern outer cover is mostly glass, plexiglass or transparent plastic board.

According to its structure and production process, the printing carrier of the light box can use advertising materials such as synthetic paper, inkjet film, self-adhesive adhesive film, and light box canvas. No matter which printing process is used, the level and clarity of the original manuscript should be replicated as effectively as possible on the printed matter. The selection of manuscripts should be focused on five factors: color, tone value, structure, color saturation, and form.

The auxiliary light (commonly known as lighting) of the light box is designed for lighting according to the structure of the pattern screen, the printing material, the thickness of the printing ink layer, and the pattern format. In the past, ordinary fluorescent lamps were mostly used. With the application of new lamps, the auxiliary light of the light box has also developed from a single lighting to multiple types of lighting. The resulting picture quality, uniformity and softness have been greatly improved.

The color of the light box pattern printing is better than graphics and manuscripts in visual communication. Whether each element can truly reproduce the intention of the advertisement designer, and the backlight light box can achieve the best visual communication effect, it must be achieved through various printing methods. The color pattern reproduction principle of the light box is based on the tone reproduction. In order to meet the requirements of the printing process, the method of screen, photographic screening or electronic color separation and screening is used to decompose the image of the continuously adjusted manuscript into dots similar to mosaic shapes, which cannot be distinguished by the human eye at the observation distance, and different density levels The dots of the image pixels achieve the visual effect of continuous adjustment at the observation distance.

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