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What is the common knife size?

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Knife flag can be roughly divided into: bamboo knife flag, water knife flag, beach knife flag, advertising knife flag and so on.

The following describes the size specifications of several common knife flags:

Three-meter waterjet knife flag size: 60*120, 60*90, 50*150, 60*160

Five-meter water jet knife flag size: 120*400, 120*350, 100*400, 100*350, 120*380, 100*380

The common sizes of bamboo pole flag are: 40*60, 60*90, 60*120, etc.;

Beach knife flag size:

Knife-shaped beach flag Small: 65.3 X 200cm with 3m flagpole, medium: 70.4 X 300cm with 4m flagpole, large: 80.5 X 400cm with 5m flagpole;

Drop-shaped beach knife flag Small: 79 X 190cm with 3m flagpole, medium: 97 X 300cm with 4m flagpole, large: 109 X 388cm with 5m flagpole.

The knife flag is named for its shape. It is a flag shaped like a knife. It is also called an outdoor rotating screen or a feather flag, or a fan-shaped flag. It is a display prop for outdoor exhibitions. The modern street lamp advertising knife flag, there is no shape of the knife, mostly square. Knife flag advertising flagpole, knife-shaped telescopic advertising flag, whether it is windy or windless, can be stretched for easy viewing; on the beach, the grass is inserted into the ground with a drill, and the concrete floor has a cross base, water bag or sandbag.